8 The advice that Solo Traveling Stay Safe

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July 22, 2016

8 The advice that Solo Traveling Stay Safe – Many are done to eliminate saturated and bored at home or have a lot of work to do. You need to conduct such thing as traveling. If you want to be free when traveling should not invite people around you.

8 The advice that Solo Traveling Stay Safe

Once in a lifetime, at least you should try a walk alone to the new place. For those of you who are preparing to become a solo traveler for the first time, this is the advice that should be listened to good to be safe and comfortable during the trip.

1. Forget everything you’ve read or heard

There is nothing wrong with solo travel. Do whatever you like, where foot step to bring without worrying. Even if you are not interested to see the local cultural ceremonies, just follow. Because there was no one who could determine the direction of travel, although an expert travel solo though. Each trip is unique for each individual.

2. Be honest

What you actually need from this trip? If you want to sleep soundly in a delicious, set aside extra funds for the exclusive hotel rooms. However, always prepare yourself for any eventuality that could occur beyond expectation or shadow.

3. Contact the nearest

Due to travel solo does not mean you also have to disappear from people nearby. Immediately contact them, let you know where you are and tell us a little of your trip.

4. Do not plan everything

Leave room for spontaneity and unexpected adventures, let it be surprising which will add to the excitement of your trip to be perceived and described.

5. Preparing to be vulnerable

That is, even if you travel solo so enjoy, this time, stay alerted. Always be careful with the situations and the conditions around you.

6. Set up more funds

Always have money in anticipation of certain events beyond the allegations such as sudden illness, accident, and others. Save more funds separately and safely.

7. Always give information to relatives or family

Email a copy of your passport, tickets, hotel booking confirmation, and other important documents to yourself and your family or significant others. Write important phone numbers and addresses in a small notebook. Always inform your schedule to the hotel where you stay. Who knew they had a free transport service or the tips you need.

8. Give your soul a time for self explore

Also, set aside time for a trip without a destination. That is, without being tied to explore the place and time are sometimes the best way for you to find what they need. But if you get lost, keep walking. As long as you still feel safe, keep running while keeping the mind clear so that you can quickly search for clues or assistance as appropriate.

Well, what do you think? Still scared and hesitant to travel alone? No need to fear because it actually makes you feel free and can enjoy the holidays with as they pleased

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