World’s Most Expensive Cities in New York

Post On: 26 July 2016
July 26, 2016

World’s Most Expensive Cities in New York – In every country, of course, has the main goal to make the center of the country, such as the unique city or an impression on. Of course in these places, there is something to be used as pride

New York other than the known city with a busy life, it turns out New York is also known as the world’s most expensive travel. These results were obtained based on survey results TripAdvisor

World's Most Expensive Cities in New York

A study by The TripIndex Cities, by comparing the costs incurred for vacation for three nights for two people, in the 20 major tourist cities around the world. And in fact, New York has the worst score on the survey.

To enjoy a short term vacation in New York, travelers must spend at least Rp55 million, not including round-trip air tickets.

These costs nearly four times more expensive than a vacation in Hanoi, which is included in the list of world’s best tourist cities.

Travelers usually will visit Broadway, Central Park, and the Empire State Building when visiting New York.

However, the cost of accommodation must be removed very expensive Rp15 million. Not to mention the cost of a taxi, which reached 1.4 million more expensive than the cost of a taxi in Bali Rp10 thousand.

The cost of accommodation is the most frequently drain the budget traveler, up to 61 percent of total expenditures during a vacation in New York.

While a number of Asian cities on the list of the cheapest destinations in the world, Tokyo is in the second position just below New York on the list of world’s most expensive tourist destinations.

Especially before the summer break, the cost will increase even if there is a way around this by staying in hotels priced as reported by Aol.

Well, for those of you who are curious about what is causing the city was considering maybe you can come directly to find out and investigate the city

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