Seven Locations Culinary Tourism World

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July 18, 2016

Seven Locations Culinary Tourism World – Many people who want to explore the world and have traveled around the world to a hobby or even increase their knowledge about other countries. With a visit to another country, we can also add knowledge to what is owned and become a major focus in the country.

Seven Locations Culinary Tourism World

One of the fun things to do while on vacation or traveled to the country people are tasting different kinds of local culinary. Culinary enthusiasts surely not agree to this.

In fact, for those who are very fond of culinary, do a little research on the internet about the kinds of local dishes countries to be visited and where they can get it is the preparation that must be done before leaving.

Well, if you are one of them, the following is the best culinary tourism destinations in the world that you should know as reported from Pop Sugar.

Mumbai, India

No need to hesitate to go to India, especially if you are a culinary enthusiast who likes to eat food rich in spices. India also has a vegetarian population of the world so that those who do not eat meat will feel comfortable traveling to Mumbai. Some vegetarian dishes that must be tested among other sins, curries, samosas and much more.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, Buenos Aires became the mandatory destination for those who love to eat steak. A number of the world’s best steakhouse located in the city this one

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you like to dine in style fine dining, then you are obliged traveled to this city. With a total of 15 Michelin-star restaurant in this town, you do not need a loss for a romantic meal or a place that will satisfy your culinary desires. In fact, one of the world’s best restaurants was here that Noma.

San Francisco, California

The cooks in this famous city with creative ideas that generate many innovations unique dishes you can not find anywhere else. San Francisco even becomes one of the city’s culinary movement popularize molecular gastronomy, modernist, and farm-to-table.

Paris, France

If you are true culinary enthusiasts, the city is absolutely not to be missed. Percentage of talented chefs from around the world a very great here. They study, work or open a restaurant in Paris. City of love will also offer an array of classic dishes guaranteed to make you fall in love from macaron, pastry, crepes, baguettes and much more.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a region in Italy which have towns that are not less interesting than Rima, Venice or Florence. Do not believe? Try just been to Catania, Palermo or Taormina, famous for a variety of traditional Italian dishes. Only in these cities, you can taste Italian dishes such as seafood, pasta, and authentic pizza.

Tokyo, Japan

Culinary writers and critics tend to call Tokyo as a culinary tour of the best in the world. Of course, there is a good reason for it. Sushi you’ve ever tasted guaranteed not to be equal to those in Tokyo. Not only that, a variety of Japanese food were also really made of a high-quality material that is very fresh with the size and dose of use is so tight.

Japanese society has become a culture to appreciate and treat food as well as possible. In fact, they never debilitate people working as a chef or cook because it is considered as a noble job, feeding people.

Well, for those of you who want to travel and try culinary in various countries should not be afraid and hesitant to let down, of course, you will feel satisfied and even wanted to try again.

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