China Travel Showcase Extreme running on the Glass

Post On: 31 July 2016
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July 31, 2016

China Travel Showcase Extreme running on the Glass – Creating a unique destination to attract the attention of tourists is actually an easy thing when no rivals in other countries. So had to make a unique destination that has never existed in other countries.

China again has a new tour. This time, the country’s bamboo curtain opens extreme tourist walking on the glass without a handle.

Walking on glass

If in the Los Angeles there is a glass slide at an altitude of 300 meters, China opened tourist walking on glass in tall buildings without something to hold.

Reporting from Mashable, walking tours on the glass skywalk opened in Jinmao Tower in Shanghai. The visitors who had the guts to try this tour for 30 minutes.

With a 60-meter track, travelers will run without something to hold. But their bodies just tied with a rope strong enough to support the entire weight of his body if it misses the glass.

Jinmao tower itself has 88 floors with a height of approximately 420 meters. Altitude is also to make the Jinmao Tower as the third highest tower in China.

While glass skywalk at an altitude of 340 meters, making it the highest in the world without a handle. From here, travelers can see the sights of Shanghai more broadly.

As a precaution, the maximum limit for a walk on the Skywalk at any one time only 15 people. To enjoy this tour, visitors have to pay a ticket 388 yuan or equivalent to Rp765 thousand.

Well, if you do not want to visit to see its amazing ? By the way, you come to other countries to learn about and enjoy the charm of nature that exist in the country can add your insight

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