Cities in the USA cost is relatively cheap travel

Post On: 3 August 2016
August 3, 2016

Cities in the USA cost is relatively cheap travel – Many countries add to the country’s revenue by opening tourist attractions that captivate many travelers. They should be able to make this place different from other tourist attractions

Did want travel to the United States? Before doing so you should see the cost of accommodation. Recent studies show that Washington DC is a city that’s in the US for just sightseeing.

Cheap holidays in the US

The cost analysis in 10 cities by the Post Office found that the tours of the White House, Washington Monument, and the historic town of Georgetown, offers the best prices for the three night on takes place.

Taking into account the cost of 11 different holiday expenses, including accommodations, round-trip ticket, dinner, and streets, Washington DC is the least expensive city at a cost of 30.7 million, Rp30,85 million to New York, and Philadelphia Rp32 million ,

Flight is the most expensive of the overall cost, the price of a ticket to the east coast is cheaper.

Ignoring the cost of accommodation and flights, Austin is the cheapest, followed by New Orleans and New York. Miami lowest fourth position with flights and accommodation, but the most expensive without these two things.

Chicago was ranked as the city of the United States the most expensive for a short break.

“The price of air can change the overall cost of the trip so that these costs need to be taken into account before choosing the desired location,” said Andrew Brown, the man who worked at the Post Office, as reported by the Telegraph pages.

Well, for those of you who want to vacation in the US but worried about costs there, you can visit these places belonging to travel at a low cost. Surely you have no need to worry about the costs

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