Hajj, Mandatory Visiting this place Special

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August 5, 2016

Hajj, Mandatory Visiting this place Special – Hajj is a form of an annual ritual for Muslims who are able materially, physically, and science by visiting several places in Saudi Arabia and carry out several activities at a predetermined time ie in Dzulhijjah.

The holy city of Mecca is known as a place of pilgrimage all Muslims in the world. However, there are many special destinations that can be visited by tourists who do not perform the pilgrimage.

Pilgrim to Mecca

Reported USAToday, the following five must-see tourist destination for tourists and pilgrims while in Mecca.


Known as the Grand Mosque or Masjid Al Haram, the largest mosque in the world. This mosque can accommodate 1.2 million worshipers at a time. Haram has Zamzam water sources are believed to be a Muslim holy water. In this place, travelers who do not perform the pilgrimage can also see the shrine directly, but they have to ask for assistance in advance to one of the hajj tour company.

Factory Al Kiswah

Kiswah a black silk accented with gold thread embroidery, calligraphy reads the Koran. This cloth is used as curtains of the Ka’ba. At the end of the Hajj, kiswah will be cut in small sizes to be given to pilgrims as mementos. In this kiswah factory, the tourists can see how the creation of the shrine’s magnificent curtain. Because the only people who are allowed to sew elected calligraphy gold in the silk cloth. To visit this place, travelers should ask for permission Government of Saudi Arabia.

Mount Thawr

Mount Thawr is one of the most historic places for Muslims. In this mountain, there is a cave that Prophet Muhammad used to hide with three friends while doing migrated from Makkah to Madinah. To visit this mountain, tourists do not need to use the help of travel agents.

Mount Al Nour

In the east end Makkah, there is a mountain called Al-Nour Mountain. ‘Al Nour’ which means ‘light’. In these places, there are cave Hira’a is often a place of worship of the Prophet Muhammad. In this cave Similarly, the Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation from God through the Angel Gabriel.

Masjid Al Jaaranah

Masjid Al Jaraanah the place where the Prophet Muhammad prepared before performing the Hajj in Mecca. In this mosque, there are two drinking water wells called ‘Prophet’s well’. In addition, many palm trees that shade adds to the beauty of the Masjid Al Jaraanah.

Well, for those of you who have more wealth, you should use to visit the house of God because, in fact, it is obligatory for a Muslim who has more treasures. You have to dispose of the money with a vacation touring several countries

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