Transport in China’s Never You Imagine

Post On: 5 August 2016
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August 5, 2016

Transport in China’s Never You Imagine – Many countries create something unique that will attract the attention of people worldwide. Given that could add to the tourists who come and can increase the country’s revenue through sites

China is constantly innovating in many ways. No exception buses are very unique.

Unique Bus in China

More recently, China launched their latest bus-sized named Elevated Transit Bus (TEB). Not just great, the bus is also unique because it has a fairly large pit, thus allowing other vehicles passing underneath.

The bus is traveling for the first time in Hebei Province, China. The trial took place in the 300-meter track Qinhuangdao City, as reported by the BBC.

With a height of two meters, TEB through the streets with wheels like electric trains on each side of the road. So that the middle part is vacant can be used by other vehicles.

For speed, TEB can cover the distance at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Making TEB itself does not take a long time. It also received comments from netizens who were satisfied with the availability of means of transportation in the country.

“I see this picture not long ago and now it’s really happening,” wrote netizen in the Weibo social media quoted Stuff.

TEB was created to address the traffic problems that occur in China. Thus, tourists do not need to feel congestion while traveling from one point to another.

TEB alone can carry up to 300 passengers. Like the train, four coaches TEB can be connected at a time.

Well, for those of you who want to know how the uniqueness of transportation in China, you can visit the country to travel and see the unique transportation. You can bring your whole family, and vacation together

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