Slimmest Tower in the World in the England

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August 5, 2016

Slimmest Tower in the World in the England – What nonsense intelligent and creative human thinking that can create something to attract the attention of people around the world. There’s tallest building, most expensive, most luxurious, shortest, and now there is the slimmest tower that became a new conversation on a world tour

England again made a new breakthrough in the field of architecture. More recently, they broke the world record after successfully build the tower one of the slimmest in the world.

Slimmest Tower

The tower was built in the seaside city of Brighton, has a height of 162 meters above sea level, with a height and width ratio of 40: 1. With this design, the Guinness World Records set the towers owned by British Airways as the world’s most slender tower. Similarly, reported Stuff.

The tower is equipped with various facilities, one indoor glass-like donut. The chambers were 10 times greater compared to that of the London Eye. Capacity was fairly large. A total of 200 tourists can see the beauty of the city of Brighton with a width of 360-degree visibility of this room.

In addition, also provided a sky bar, to accompany tourists when observing the landscape presented in front of them.

Recognized by British Airways, the construction of the 162-meter high tower will cost a Rp1 trillion, with a construction period of 12 years duration.

David Marks and Julia Barfield was the architect behind the grandeur of the world’s slimmest tower. Previously, they also build one of the icons of London, the London Eye.

Well, for those of you who want to know how the slender tower, whether the same lean with your body? just you traveled in the UK which is home to the tower of the slimmest in the world. Encourage your family to share the fun when traveling in the UK

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