Hunting Honeymoon Destinations More Easily

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August 5, 2016

Hunting Honeymoon Destinations More Easily – Many people are looking for a tourist spot with a beautiful view not only for a vacation with family or coworkers. Some people are looking for an attractive tourist spot as a honeymoon destination. As a new partner feel empty if it does not do a honeymoon outside their area

In addition to marine tourism, nature and culture turn out there are other destinations on the rise. He honeymoon travel.

Honeymoon Beatifull

“Indonesia has a romantic spot that is not lost to other countries, in support of government programs introduced destinations romantic as well as Bali and Lombok, Indonesia also has a romantic place like Garut, Pulo Love which is located in Gorontalo, Raja Ampat and many more, “said Panca Sarungu, Group CEO to Okezone in Jakarta.

According to him, honeymoon destinations in the country began to be hunted. Because the Indonesian people began to realize the beauty in the country.

Therefore, Panca Sarungu issuing new ideas to facilitate domestic and foreign tourists to be traveled honeymoon in the country. Some products honeymoon that can be purchased through a minimarket in the country is the Padma Hotel Bandung, with a starting price of 3.9 million for the honeymoon package.

For the proposal romantic dinner at Padma Hotel Bandung starts from 2.2 million. If customers want a still affordable price can buy a package at Blue Sky Pandurata Boutique Hotel, with prices ranging from Rp750 thousand.

For the sake of completing the beauty traveled honeymoon, it also provides an easy step anyway.

“We have packages that are suitable for honeymooners, wedding anniversary or find a suitable place to make a romantic proposal, everything can be found in the hashtag #RomancingJakarta,” he said.

Well, for those of you who will hold the honeymoon does not have to bother and confused to choose a romantic place and cheap. There are some very useful tips for you to help your problem about the honeymoon destination.

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