Places Travel Terrible in China

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August 5, 2016

Places Travel Terrible in China – In addition, there are beautiful sights and romantic there is also a terrible sight to make the adrenaline rush of tourists who visit. Although these terrible sights, there are many tourists who come to see and feel the vehicle

China has just opened the scariest attraction in the world they call Coiling Dragon Cliff.

Terrible Places

The attraction was officially opened to the public, ago, and has been flooded by local tourists who want to test their mettle.

As reported by FoxNews, election Coiling Dragon Cliff own name, background for this attraction resembles the shape of a dragon. Even its length is about 328 feet and is built right next to Mount Tianmen.

For tourists who visit this place, they can also see the beauty of nature in the National Park Tianmenshan, China.

Previously, Coiling Dragon Cliff is a walkway made of wood. However, because some time ago there was a vandalism committed by tourists.

The Chinese government decided to develop the destination, by making the glass bridge as the main attraction.

Some tourists who have come to this attraction could provide comments they write on social network Weibo. As written one netizen named Lee Dong Hai.

“My legs were shaking as being in the middle of the bridge. When I looked down, I saw there was a crack in the floor, “writes Lee.

“Suddenly, people started screaming, and I, too shout,” crack! It really trains “. Then push encourage any action occurs until the tip of the bridge, “added Lee.

Well, for those of you brave there are some sites that can test your mental abilities adrenalin and how brave when faced with such travel. If you are really brave then you are classified as individuals who brave

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