Mystery trip to North Korea

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August 8, 2016

Mystery trip to North Korea – Vacation to a place that has a nice are an interesting and fun thing. But for people who have a hobby of traveling, they better enjoy while on the way meaning is not at the destination. Maybe some people say that the road to the tourist attraction was more meaningful.

Eastern European boned man named Laukatis, taken to various locations all over North Korea. He admitted during there has never been granted to communicate with the locals, and had to ask permission when you want to record images or take pictures.

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Several times he had the opportunity to record video community activities in the city of Pyongyang, he said very pronounced differences between tourists and the local community.

Launched Rocketnews24 page, taped One place is the Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang, where he saw some of the tourists and the people who were playing football.

Laukatis also took footage of thousands of people who were practicing parade. Not only that, he even claimed had participated in a marathon event held by the government. During a tour in North Korea, he used to take pictures as much as possible.

But perhaps one of the most exciting moments came towards the end of the video tour when he visited a garden full of local people over there, where the parade is being held. At that time people were dancing and laughing.

From the standpoint of Laukatis, the state of North Korea is a very interesting country to visit.

Well, for those of you who plan to vacation, try to place you’ve ever visited so it can create a story and a new atmosphere. Try to your visit North Korea state that is not less interesting with South Korea. Have a good vacation

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