Pokemon Thousands to the streets

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August 8, 2016

Pokemon Thousands to the streets -Currently being trend GO Pokemon games that can be played by all people, a lot of people who love the game Pokemon. But without realizing we can do harm to themselves while playing Pokemon on the street, because it is basically the Pokemon game to be played outdoors.

Pokemon Thousands took to the streets in the city of Yokohama, Japan. Pokemon meets the road in order to Pokemon Festival in this city.

Pokemon Festival

Thousands took to the streets Pokemon that has nothing to do with the game Pokemon Go who was loved by a lot of people lately. Rather Yokohama indeed has held the festival since 2014 ago.

Nevertheless, thousands who took to the streets Pokemon character Pikachu is only just. So that the streets filled with distinctive yellow color Pikachu.

Understandably, the government Yokohama named this festival with the name of the original named Pikachu Tairyou Hassei-Chu.

Implementation is expected to attract foreign tourists visit. Especially after application Pokemon Go release some time ago.

Reported by the Telegraph, among other Pokemon character, Pikachu is considered as the most amusing character and much liked. Therefore, thousands of Pokemon presented to the streets to entertain visitors.

Pokemon Festival itself has always performed with a different theme. Last year, the Festival Pokemon theme is “An Outbreak of Pikachu Dancing”. As for this year, the theme is “They Gonna Get Wet This Time ???”

Well, for those of you who want to know how fun of clowns in costumes Pokemon on the edge of the streets of Japan, you can immediately come to Japan to see Pokemon and you may as well do a tour in Japan

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