Funeral in Berlin Full Color

Post On: 8 August 2016
August 8, 2016

Funeral in Berlin Full Color – Cemetery is the final process of steps taking care of the bodies. The cemetery is a process where the dead body was buried in the ground. Usually, people die or funeral synonymous with sadness and grief of the relatives left behind by one of the family members.

General, tend to be dominated by dark colors funeral and leaving grief. But in Berlin, an artist transform into a colorful funeral.

Unique funeral fullcolor


Is a United States artist, James Turrell which put a colorful light at a chapel used for a funeral.

He transformed the chapel at the cemetery Sorotheenstadt, Berlin, who previously impressed the dark becomes brighter and colorful.

Reported by Lonely Planet, after sunset, this chapel will turn blue and the colors change every two minutes until the next hour. These voids are filled with lights was seen as beautiful.

The chapel will be open to the public on Saturday and Monday night until September 2016 starting from 30 minutes before sunset.

One Instagram user, @signepierce upload a photograph showing the chapel Berlin filled with pink, purple and yellow.

He wrote in the caption that he was allowed to order funerals to him one day in the chapel.

“James Turrell installation in the chapel in a cemetery in Berlin. I asked if I could order funerals here and they said yes, I could, “he wrote.

@signepierce Addition, several other accounts to also upload an inner chapel with a different color. It is interesting to visit if on holiday to Berlin.

Well, in some countries there are many ways in which to farewell their family members who have died, it was quite a unique way and make the world turned to a state funeral in Berlin that actually looks like the party atmosphere of a funeral

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