Shocking! Bear No matter Swim Same Man at Beach

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August 8, 2016

Shocking! Bear No matter Swim Same Man at Beach – There are several tours that make the animal as an entertainer in the wild. But these animals have been domesticated before being released in nature with the aim to interact with humans. In some countries there that make the tourist attractions of wild animals and humans mixed into one place.

Not many animals want to mingle with humans. Unlike the three bears in the United States.

Swim with Bear

Different views are seen in Turkish Pope visited by tourists. Because only, this time, the visitors saw a bear swim with casual and cool with humans.

A mother bear and her two children seemed not to feel disturbed by human presence around him. This incident was recorded by a local resident named Norma Alvarez Gonzalez.

At that time, Alvarez was a leisurely walk on the beach before shocked by the unusual sight of it. He is just being in a distance of several meters from the bears was recorded.

“I thought it was so beautiful so I took the phone to record it,” said Alvarez told Stuff.

In the video duration, 1 minute 4 seconds are seen three bears really enjoy playing water at the beach.

They are not bothered by the many tourists who splash around in the vicinity. They actually seemed engrossed in playing water jokes.

Moments later, they returned to the mainland and closer to the existing collection of bags under the tree. People shout to expel them, but the three bears look cool.

In fact, Alvarez explained that the bear’s mother finally managed to take the bag of cookies.

It is not known what caused the bear to going down to the beach and swim. But when viewed from the heat and humidity, the three bears did not come down to cool their bodies. But considered in the mood to do something fun.

Well, for those of you who want to see how the bear humor mixed with a lot of people on the beach. Come directly to tour the country at the same time you can play in the water and do water sports at the beach.

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