When the Old Mall Transformed So Tiny Apartment

Post On: 10 August 2016
August 10, 2016

When the Old Mall Transformed So Tiny Apartment – Living in the present era so many old buildings, old buildings that are not in use anymore, even worsened the state of the old building that, when we realize the many ways to use the land for the building that would become a bustling tourist and visited by many people.

Mall Old Building

Each region has its own way to enable old buildings that have been abandoned, such as renovating or destroy. There is one unique way by the government in Rhode Island, a state in the United States.

The Arcade Providence is an old shopping center that was founded in 1828. It is the first indoor shopping mall owned by Americans. This building was transformed into apartments consisting of 48 units of the room. The transformation of the building is a cost of Rp92 billion was carried by the Northeast Collaborative Architects.

Reporting from Boredpanda, the price of rental apartments is priced starting price of Rp 7 million per month. Renters will get a whopping 21 to 74 square meters. Each room is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and shower, beds and storage space.

In this apartment, you will not find a stove because the unit is designed for those who super busy. The apartment is also equipped with a restaurant on the ground floor. In addition, residents also provided laundry facilities and storage space vehicles.

Well, for you do not need to be afraid and worried about the state and condition of the old building that has not been occupied, no need to think of their mythical creatures. Old building tourist attractions attract many tourists to visit

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