Anything New in Bali Spirit Festival 2017

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August 10, 2016

Anything New in Bali Spirit Festival 2017 – Fitness activities and thoughts that focus on strength, flexibility, and breathing to improve the quality of mental and physical perpetrators. Posture or series of movements and breathing are the two main components of yoga.

Festival with the global celebration of yoga, dance, and music world again present in Bali at the BaliSpirit Festival 2017. This festival has become the world’s longest yoga festival.

Yoga Bali Spirit

To mark the 10th year, BaliSpirit Festival will introduce many additional major programs to transform lives and adds to the experience of participants.

BaliSpirit Festival presents more than 200 yoga, meditation, healing, dance and music every day, along with workshops focusing on health, spirituality, and self-development.

As releases received by the editorial on August 10, 2016, the supplementary program cover, five days of classroom groups welfare, community extra days and seven nights of music, which makes BaliSpirit Festival as the longest yoga festival globally. In addition to the main program, the festival also offers interesting events, at various locations in Ubud.

Several new types of festival tickets are also introduced in this 2017 edition of the festival, such as Abundance Pass which can be enjoyed in both locations Festival, the priority for the shuttle schedule, including everything that is on the festival and preferred to reserve a special event.

With Teenager Pass, you can enjoy the advantages that exist in the Full Pass at a discounted price for teenagers (only US $ 250), it is perfect for families.

In addition, there are, the 5-Day Community Pass gives access to the Dharma Fair at noon, community classes, events during the day and live music at night. Appropriate for those who do not wish to participate in all settings, yoga class, but want to enjoy the music and excitement festival

The festival is invited as well as many international top musicians world-class, global real draw visitors to this annual event.

BaliSpirit including the highly successful 2016 Festival, supported by the presence of 1,500 visitors a day from more than 40 countries, together enjoying global celebration will be Yoga, Dance, Music and Healing.

Along with the many workshops held, daytime program offers Dharma Fair for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of shopping.

Included are Gubuk Healing, Children’s Area, healthy and organic food shacks, stage Coco-Love that brings the world of music during the daytime.

Then, evening devotion to BaliSpirit Bhakti Festival Nights will be no vibration stage evening concert ‘One World One Stage’ which presents many performances on two stages for five nights.

Well, practicing yoga not only learn yoga movements that nourish the body, but indirectly you will be liberated from stress. At the time of yoga practice, you practice calming the mind, and this process occurs indirectly or unconsciously

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