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August 10, 2016

Unique Travel in the World Is Here – Many ways in which each country to attract tourists that want to visit the country, one of which is to create a unique destination that is unrivaled in any other country. How this is done in order to increase income and income country with their new tour to become the public spotlight.

Bored with attractions that’s it? Travelers can visit the tourist attractions in the world weird.

The house upside down

Some states offer the odd tourist spots to visit. Starting from the world’s steepest street to the house upside down in China.

Here is a tourist attraction unique in the world was launched from CNTraveler

Steepest street, New Zealand

Baldwin steep streets in Dunedin, New Zealand became one of the unique places to visit. Interestingly, a house in this way will create the illusion that the house seemed to begin to sink.

The illusion is seen because the house is located in Baldwin steep. Baldwin is located on a slope of 19 degrees and makes it as steepest street in the world by Guinness World Records.

Dinosaur Park, California

If you want to see the original size dinosaurs, travelers can visit the Dinosaur Park in California. Here, travelers can imagine how terrible if dinosaurs are still alive today.

There are two iconic dinosaurs in this park, which is T-Rex and Dinny. For thrilling sensations, travelers can also climb the T-Rex so they can enjoy the view outside through his teeth. While Dinny is a dinosaur version of a female weighing 150 tons and a height of approximately 46 meters.

Gnome Reserve, England

Travelers may be surprised to see some of the characters are made of weeds. There are approximately 1,000 gnomes who are here.

Here, you will also be treated to a view of antique statues. To enter, travelers will be loaned free pointy hat.

Carhenge, Nebraska

Next is Carhenge that will make the eye was struck, travelers. Carhenge is a place where travelers will see 38 classic cars painted using gray color on all parts. The size is still the same size and shape as the original.

Uniquely, travelers will see a car that is supported by two other cars were planted in the ground.

The house upside down, China

The house upside down, known as China Folk Painting Village is located in Fengjing Ancient Town. Try to enter this house and feel travelers set foot on the top of the house. Travelers will see the position of furniture in the house is not in the position should be.

Well, how do you think the presence of such unique attractions? Maybe you want to visit and see the uniqueness. No need to fear and feel disadvantaged because of travel did not exist in other countries.

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