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August 11, 2016

Seven Hotel With Luxury Services – A form of a building providing accommodation services, food and beverage providers and other service facilities which all the services intended for the general public, whether they are staying overnight at the hotel or those who only use certain facilities owned it.

The MCGallery Playford Adelaide, Australia

In herbal medicine like a king will certainly make visitors feel very respected, especially coupled with a variety of luxurious amenities. If you want to pamper yourself, you might be able to feel the holiday choosing the luxury hotel as a place to relax.

Reporting from Business Insider is not just a luxury hotel offering a place to stay, but also provides other luxury amenities such as a sports center, a fitness center, a casino and a nightclub. Here are seven of the best luxury hotel provides luxurious amenities to guests.

Modrian Hotel, London
Mondrian London has everything you could want, this hotel provides sights that make you impressed, ie straight at the beautiful river Thames.

The hotel also presents a five-star facility consisting of a bathroom classy, fancy lunch meal.
The MCGallery Playford Adelaide, Australia

The Playford MCGallery Hotel Adelaide in Australia is known for outstanding service and a variety of advanced facilities that can be enjoyed for an overnight stay.

Moreover, the cuisine at The Playford restaurant is also famous for its five-star quality. The hotel is adjacent to the Adelaide Festival Centre and Art Gallery of South Australia.

CampoReal Lisboa, Portugal

Dolce CampoReal Lisboa is a luxury hotel ideal for tourists who visit Portugal. Beautiful terrace in front of a hotel room, in sweet with views of the golf course under the hotel.
In addition, the hotel features three unique restaurants, including a small bar that makes the dining experience at the hotel a memorable one.
Sukhothai, Thailand

Located along the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, Thailand, Sukhothai not only offers beautiful scenery, but it shows the cultural beauty of Bangkok.

Besides the view, the hotel offers a variety of other luxury facility, such as five luxury restaurants, spa facilities, swimming pool, bar, and a playground for children.

Hotel Sofitel, United States

Pricing for stays at the Sofitel hotel is quite expensive. This is due to a pretty hotel situated just minutes from Broadway, Times Square, Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center.

The Four Season Hotel, Sydney

Located in the City of Sydney, The Four Seasons Hotel offers a direct view of the beauty of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. This luxury hotel also features an elegant bathroom, a beauty salon, to the full-service spa.

The W Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

With the number of rooms 405 pieces, The W Hotel is able to provide interesting and different designs in each of these rooms. Hotel located in Taiwan’s mix and match classic furniture with modern equipment.

Well, for those of you who are doing the holiday and choose a haven of rest in the hotel, there are several hotels that have super luxurious services that can make you want to stay in that hotel.

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