3 It Simplifies the Fat Travelled

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August 12, 2016

3 It Simplifies the Fat Travelled – Many of them have more weight and to obesity. Perhaps it was the presence of fat body shapes sometimes make people less confident when going to deal with others better than himself. It all can be changed in a positive way

Still many of the owner of body fat was not confident even inferior to traveling at home and abroad.

Confident of the body fat

Often they launched a variety of reasons, especially with regard to their body size. This, in fact, is in fact not a big problem to be feared when traveling.

As presented by Riri Bogar, Miss Big Indonesian Founder and Editor in Chief Balmag Magazine.

According to him, there are three things that must be considered the owner of body fat when they want to travel.

Know your strengths

Good before choosing a holiday destination, check the health of the body first. Do not get when it reached the destination, it can not enjoy the atmosphere as a result of very heavy terrain.

“Never bandwagon others. When there is a friend climb a mountain, you also chimed up the mountain. The most important thing was the comfort. Convenience comes in if you already know the power of yourself, “said Riri Bogar to Okezone, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.


The second important point budget. Expenses when traveling can be very large, especially if it can not manage finances so wisely.

“Do not force yourself to visit a place that is not in accordance with the budget. A lot of really interesting places at attractive prices. But, still adjust with interest, “said Riri.


In addition to releasing a sense of fatigue and stress, the purpose of traveling is to get new experiences, new friends, and learn new things more. Therefore, do not ruin the holiday mood with bad behavior.

Usually, many people will see a strange look when visiting a new area.

“The key is friendly. Try to greet them first, naturally, they will give a good feedback for us also. Because I believe that human nature is good, “he concluded.

Riri also added from all points described, only the most important points he wants to emphasize.

“Traveling should not minder. Should be confident that we are capable of. Besides the money used our own money. So should enjoy in living, “concludes Riri.

Well, for you may have problems with weight and want to make a vacation to some countries, but not confident and feel less attractive, you do not need to be confused and hesitant to can still look good

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