Has a Big Body, Look Tip Enjoy in Flight

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August 12, 2016

Has a Big Body, Look Tip Enjoy in Flight – Many of them have more weight and to obesity. Perhaps it was the presence of fat body shapes sometimes make people less confident when going to deal with others better than himself. It all can be changed in a positive way.

For the owner of a large body, it is often not confident while riding public transportation, including aircraft.

Enjoy in Flight

Large body size often makes them hesitant to sit in a chair that has been provided.

But, you know that at this time all the airlines in the world have already provided additional safety belts, for people who have a great body?

This is explained Riri Bogar, Miss Big Indonesian Founder and Editor in chief Balmag Magazine. “The key is never shy requested extension belt. I had a friend whose weight is 140 kg can sit in an airplane seat economy. Only his safety belt must be added, “said Riri Bogar, in Okezone Office Building High End, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.

According to Riri, an important point must be recognized the owner of the large body is confident. Without confidence, things like this will continue to be frightening.

In fact, if they dare to ask is always a solution to all problems. Moreover, armed with the confidence also is the promptings sloping someone can be stopped.

“In the plane are also many people who usually look me a strange look. Usually, I just smile at them, and then I asked ‘nothing wrong, sir?’, “Said Riri.

Well, for you may have problems with weight and want to make a vacation to some countries, but not confident and feel less attractive, you do not need to be confused and hesitant to can still look good

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