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August 12, 2016

The Secret State is Open Travel Blogger – Some countries have a lot of very interesting sights, but there are of them do not want to show that travel with him no contaminated sites and in disrepair with the act of ignorant is not responsible.

One of the most beautiful buildings in the Balkan realm St. Basils Cathedral. There is one fact in Russia is not yet widely known.

St. Basils Cathedral

This fact is mentioned by travel bloggers Kenny Santana, also known as Postcards. Through Instagram account, @kartuposinsta, Kenny reveals that the eyes of the architect of the building were deliberately blinded by Russian authorities after the building was completed.

“Do you know the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible, famous for his cruelty blinded the architect who built St. Basil’s cathedral in Moscow with the aim of the architect is not going to make this beautiful building again?” Kenny wrote in the caption.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral itself is one of the most favorite tourist attraction in Moscow. This building is a church with a dome shaped like an onion.

With colorful buildings, this building does not look like a house of worship in general.

Now part of a building used as a museum. Travelers can get into this unique building from 11:00 to 17:00 o’clock local time.

Well, for those of you who are doing the holiday do not forget to always obey the rules in force in the country and always travel culture to preserve the tourist spots. With so then you helped to participate in preserving the natural beauty and man-made beauty that has value.

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