Safety tips Travelling Alone in Foreign Countries

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August 12, 2016

Safety tips Travelling Alone in Foreign Countries – When you are planning to do a vacation but do not want to solo traveling, take a friend who can make you happy so that your holiday travel you can enjoy it with pleasure and without resulting in a sense of regret, election of friends who fit the criteria and nature itself is not easy to hand.

Holiday alone in foreign countries

There is no obstacle for women to travel alone abroad. However, it should be careful when doing so.

Petrina Thong, a solo traveler from Malaysia shared tips to stay safe when traveling alone abroad.

Learn tips from Petrina quoted from Stuff the following:


If the always smiling, people tend to be friendly and willing to help when trouble.

In some places, many local residents who actually want to talk or talk directly with the foreign tourists. Therefore, a smile makes them not afraid to invite to speak.

Rude if necessary

Although it must demonstrate a friendly attitude while in a foreign land, it does not mean you are a weak man.

Be rude if that was necessary for the safety of themselves. Coarse does not necessarily mean physical violence, but try to escape if there is a man who tries to flirt and start disrespectful.

Hide essential goods

Bring your passport and credit cards securely on the clothing. Never carry it in my pants pocket easily accessible or in a direct hand that makes people not responsible performs malicious actions on you.

Ride wisely

Ride from one car to another is a common thing done by a backpacker. But try to be wise passengers. Dressed polite, do not ride at night, and do not fall asleep in the car.

You must be vigilant and ensure that your car driver passed through the right track with regard GPS. If you start to feel uncomfortable and something was wrong, do not be afraid to yell and get out of the car.

Go earlier cultures

Know the basic culture of the country you will be visiting. Because in the conservative country, a smile is considered inviting others to get closer.

You can wear a fake wedding ring and told that there was a husband waiting at home. This can be done to avoid the temptation of a man who could come anytime.

Well, for those of you who will do the Foreign tourist without being accompanied need not worry and fear. You have a few safety tips that can help you when you are in the state of others

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