This amazing building Similar UFO

Post On: 20 July 2016
July 20, 2016

This amazing building Similar UFO – Many ways in which the creative hands of man to get a work that can be appreciated and has a value of its own meaning. As the building is similar to ufo become very viral

The building is often mistaken for a flying saucer that landed on a mountain or something from the movie Star Wars. But actually, this is not a UFO. A headquarters of the Communist Party of Bulgaria’s Abandoned UFO is very similar to that recently landed from the sky on the summit of Mount Buzludzha.

This amazing building Similar UFO

Launched pages of The Sun, the buildings that stand as high as 1,432 meters, as if as a place for extraterrestrials to monitor life on Earth from the mountaintop.


Buzludzha Monument was completed in 1981 by the Bulgarian Communist Party. Deliberately created to commemorate the freedom of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire in 1891.


The ceilings of the building are decorated with a photo of Karl Marx, call the proletariat of all countries, unite. There is also a red glass shard remaining from the communist symbol star three times larger than the one in the Kremlin.

UFO-like building photo was originally taken by Roman, a 29-year-old urban photographer who is also the service manager of the Netherlands.

“I love this place. And my breath as if to stop. It’s bigger than I imagined and was surprised by the severity of the mosaics on the walls and ceiling. The building is beyond the wildest imagination of me. This is something which is amazing considering the building stood as a nation this is in the downturn, “said Roman.

Men 29 years taking pictures of the building in December and thought that the building is in a bad state when climbing to the mountain top.

Fortunately, there is not much snow, but the road to get there is very bad. “And I almost slipped when there. In this picture I want this to be a bright spot for the history of this place and the meaning of this place now,” he said.

Bulgaria after the communist regime fell in 1990, the building was left abandoned and damaged, and many items such as copper stolen from the roof.

The ufo-like building is now also filled with streaks of irresponsible people who have visited it. Well, for those of you who want to know the building you can see them reading the article there with searching

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